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I like being outside if it's nice out. This includes mountain biking, trail running, sailing, climbing, skiing and much more. If you're going on a fun adventure, let me know!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bill's Birthday

DSC_1645 Nat

DSC_1633 Upside Down
Steve's kid.

DSC_1621 Trying to get into Mike's pockets
Trying to get into Mike's pockets.


DSC_1506 Martin walking past the willows

Martin and I set up a 140ft slackline using his new setup, which gave us a 15:1 mechanical advantage. Martin managed to walk the line a few times, but I couldn't even get up onto it. I did manage to walk with a hand for support. I'll stick to the small setups for now.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beers, Sausages, and Sails

DSC_1303, originally uploaded by RichSo.

Ben, Colin, Alex and I went for an awesome sailing trip to the Gulf Islands. We left False Creek on the first day, and sailed/motored across the Georgia Strait hoping to reach Pirates Cove on De Courcy Island. We ended up at Silva Bay instead due to currents in Gabriola Passage. The next day the weather wasn't great, but we continued onwards towards Telegraph Harbour on Thetis Island. On the last day, we woke up very early, and crossed through the Cut, a narrow and shallow channel which dries up at low tide. The sunrise over the Strait of Georgia was worth the early morning wakeup.