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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kaja and Duncan's Wedding

DSC_3445 Balcony Climbing, originally uploaded by RichSo.

Kaja and Duncan got married last weekend. I took some photos for them. The lighting conditions were pretty tricky for me, high ceilings and not a lot of ambient light. I used a combination of my fast 50mm 1.8 lens, and my new SB-600 flash. I could bounce the light off walls, but for the most part getting good results using the flash was tricky. The dancing shots were done using a tripod, some with just a long exposure, and the others with rear-sync flash. Everything was shot in RAW since I knew I would have a fair bit of white balance correction, and exposure adjustment. Suggestions on the skin tones are welcomed.

DSC_2728 Pre-Wedding
Kaja getting ready

DSC_2835 Mawage
The ceremony. Vows.

DSC_2874 And broken glass
Smashing the vodka glass. Czech and Polish traditions.

Cheesy couple shot.

DSC_2919 Champagne toast
Champagne being handed out to Sam, Dani, and Boris.


Walk on...

DSC_3537 Fondue
Fondue time

Kaja and Duncan. Ben and Francis

DSC_3714 Dancing the night away
Long exposure, converted to black and white in Lightroom

DSC_3730 Kaja and Dani
Converted to sepia.

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