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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I knew it was going to be a great weekend of skiing, so I spent Friday night carbo loading at Boris's beer potluck. The idea is to bring a tasty beer, and share with your friends.
DSC_0918 Mmm beer
DSC_0942 Friends
Mmm beer.
A hand full of cake.
Boris, the sneaky f**king Russian.

DSC_0931 Friends

I passed out on the floor for 45 minutes, and woke up at 5:30am to go skiing on the Duffey. Why bother sleeping? That's what long November nights at huts are for.

We skied some amazing hero snow at Cerise Creek. And there wasn't almost nobody else here. Well there were two Quebecois, but Pete think we scared them away with his tax mitigation lecture in the hut.
It started off with just the keeners, Jay Laura, her two dogs, Sarah, and I breaking trail up to the Keith Flavelle hut.

Unfortunately somebody left the door open. Clearing out the hut dug into our skiing time on Saturday afternoon.

The rest of the group, Lena Jacqui Pete and Kristen showed up later that afternoon.

The next morning we went back up the ridge behind the hut, for some amazing skiing.

I don't think Jay ever turns, he just goes really fast. Must be that AT setup.

Jay, going at full speed

Jacqui charging
Now you see him,
Now you don't.

Jay again, with his photo-slut jacket

Lena, with another great jacket!
DSC_1390 November Turns
Kristen skinning up for another run in hero snow in the Cerise Creek area. If you look closely, you can make out the tracks on the slope below Joffre. We skied that slope three times.
Pete deep in the white room. Must be better than the office. At least I hope so.
Sarah wishes she was skiing coastal cement instead


Lena on the final run up.

Pete shredding the sick sick gnar in the white room. The ski out of Cerise Creek was a bit heinous, with some pretty nasty snow close to the car. We made it to the car just as it got dark, perfect timing!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Needle Peak Gnar

Jay, Laura, Sarah, Kristen, Aimee, Bram and I went skiing on Nov 14th at Needle Peak. The conditions were way better than my last trip out here last February. We did a few laps on the backbowl, and ended up taking an "exciting" line far skiers left of normal west ridge descent. This left us far below the saltshed, so we made one final skin back up to the car. Click on the photos to see more photos from the trip.
DSC_0706 Wintery Coquihalla

It was a bit slippery getting up the Coquihalla. There was one truck off the road.
DSC_0709 Yak Peak
Beautiful early morning light. Unfortunately this was the nicest weather all day, it would soon cloud over and snow just as forecasted.

Kristen skinning along the west ridge of Needle peak

DSC_0740 The Gnar
Aimee on the first run down into the bowl. It was still a bit rocky here.

Jay and Laura skinning up the backbowl

Sarah skinning up for another run down the backbowl. The conditions on this aspect was really good, knee deep powder.

Super excited to ski the trees... the last time Laura was here, she hit a tree on the way down and ended up with a concussion.

Kristen and some neat snow features.

Aimee getting some nice turns on the ridge

So we probably should have gone further straight and then right, but instead we dropped skiers left too early. Initially there was some good skiing on open patches, but then it started getting cliffy.

There were a lot of optional short drops to make, we were all pretty excited and giggly about this.

Sarah was especially happy

Aimee finding a nice line down through the dense trees

After this though, the descent involved, at least for me, lots of kickturns, slid slipping, christmas tree hugging, and log drops. Maybe with some more snow...
Jay at the open swath. Note the Great Bear tunnel, we were about 1.4km away from the saltshed.

Jay giving a Laura a knee across this gap in the snow.

It sure gets dark early in November. Aimee, Jay and Laura crossing above the culvert towards the car.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bridge to a Cool Planet

Some photos from the climate change rally held on the Cambie Street Bridge on Oct 24, 2009, to mark the international day of climate action. http://www.bridgecoolplanet.ca/en/






Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Turn, Turn, Figure 11.

"Thanksgiv'r: the universally acknowledged holiday celebrating an individual's first day of skiing each year. The date obviously varies for person to person, but ideally will fall somewhere between Canadian and American Thanksgivings. The exact date depends on many factors: local climatic conditions, level of (un)employment, and general stoke. While Thanksgiv'r is inclusive and open to all, a competitive element does exist: earlier dates are, of course, superior and thus holier. The holiday is non-denominational, but does play a particularly strong role in the Church of Telemark, more specifically in the Cult of the Gnar." Melissa Hogg

Jay, Laura, Sarah, Scott, Bob and I went down to ski the deep at Mount Baker today. These were the first turns of the season for me, with an unbelievable amount of snow at Mount Baker. 24 inches fell in the last 24 hours. We skied the short treed east facing slopes south of Austin Pass, and finished off with a horrific mashed potato run on a north facing slope down to Bagley Lakes. HS near Austin Pass, 180cm. HS on the north facing windloaded slope, 300cm!

DSC_0638 Parking Lot
We skinned right from the parking lot, pretty cool for November. Jay looking psyched.

DSC_0640 Sarah
Sarah even more excited to be skiing in November.

DSC_0641 Bob
The snow was difficult to ski. Coastal concrete.

DSC_0642 New setup
Sarah with her new Dynafit bindings and fancy rock skis, which were the fattest skis in our group today.

DSC_0644 Laura de-skinning for another epic run
Laura de-skinning for another epic run

DSC_0646 Jay
Still psyched. Jay at the top of one of five short runs that we did in the trees down Austin Pass.

DSC_0654 Fluffy Snow
The Gnar

DSC_0658 Deep
Scott deep in the snow. The moment you stopped moving, you would sink quite deep. At least three of us were up to armpit height in snow, with skis on. I didn't even bother turning here, knowing that if I tried, I would just lose all momentum and flop over.

DSC_0661 Figure 11
Figure 11. Just point your skis straight and go.

DSC_0676 Lost in Powder
Lost in Powder

DSC_0665 Snow Cone

DSC_0679 Scott
Shortly after this photo was taken, we hit a patch of denser small trees, and Scott managed to find himself armpit deep in snow, completely stuck.

DSC_0682 Wintery
We ended up waiting here while Jay extracted Laura from the snow higher up. Definitely have to work on keeping the group together and having buddies in the tree on days like this.

After doing five short runs here, we decided to go back to the car. It was only 2pm or something like that. As we crested Austin Pass, we saw lots of ski tracks on the NE aspects down to Bagley Lake. So we went off an skied one last run. It turned out to be a pretty horrid run. Steep, whiteout, and mashed potatoes don't really mix. Scott commented that he's never seen a slope look so good, and ski so bad.

It was nice to get some exercise and get back into ski shape.