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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boxing Day Deals at Mount Seymour

Doug and I found a great deal skiing at Mount Seymour on Boxing Day, free corn and sunshine. A great day!

The great thing about Seymour is that you don't have to wake up early for it. We had an proper alpine start, starting at noon from the parking lot. While Vancouver was shrouded in dense fog, the mountains were completely sunny and warm. It was well above freezing up there. It might be the end of December, but it sure felt like April.

DSC_2211 The Big D
It was nice and sunny.


Doug, wishing he brought his coltex skins for today. His G3 skins were balling up quite badly and lost traction on some of the steeper snowshoe trampled tracks.

Lots of people out having fun sliding down stuff.

Doug taking a self portrait

Spring like lounging at the top of Brockton Point. We saw somebody ski down the face off Pump Peak, by this time of the day it looked like it had softened down to slushy corn.

Above foggy Vancouver, with the skyscrapers barely sticking out. I was wishing I had a telephoto to get a good shot of the city.

Fun soft corn on the groomers.

Skiing down at sunset. What a beautiful sunset with the fog layer below, and the skyscrapers barely sticking out.

Zupjok-Alpaca Traverse

A Christmas day tour traversing from Zupjok Peak to Alpaca Peak. This was a really nice tour in the sun, with spectacular views. Baldwin's definitely right about saving this one for a sunny day when the snow is more suited to touring than yo-yoing. Another great trip in the Coquihalla!

After skiing along an old road for a kilometer and a bit, we climbed steep trees on the SW ridge of Zupjok, and gradually made it onto the broad summit.

From the summit of Zupjok, it's a long gradual ascent up to Llama and finally Alpaca Peak, with some up and down along the way. It was pretty warm out, and the heavy snow made travel a bit slower.

Wind swept ridge

Paul demonstrating snow plow technique in the highly variable wind swept terrain along the ridge. We didn't bother taking off our skins since the descent wasn't very long.

Justin traversing along the ridge, towards Llama Peak. I really like the light and shadows in this photo.

Paul skiing up, with a sub-peak of Zupjok behind him.

Justin, and the Anderson River range.

Some awesome granite domes. The Anderson River Range. The Anderson River Range. Steinbok, Ibex, Les Cornes, Chamois

Sunny touring


Looking towards Vicuna Peak. A few of us scrambled up the other side earlier in the fall.

Justin at the summit of Alpaca.

Evening light. This was at 2:30pm, it sure gets dark fast.

Group shot. We were a little bit concerned about time, since we really didn't want to ski down the icy steep trees in the dark.

A go go go kind of day.

On the way home, still a long ways to go. A few more up and downs to go.


Evening glow on Yak.
The highway below

DSC_2177 Survival Skiing
Justin skiing down from Zupjok, after having done the traverse to Alpaca on Christmas day. It was a race against the sunset to make it through the steep trees in the light.

Justin sideslipping down the icy trees. This was actually alot better than snowplowing the mashed potatoes higher up.

Back at the cars in the dark, it must be December.

A few more photos

Thursday, December 24, 2009


A early winter tour up to Mount Sproatt via the NE side. Weather was great, snow was crap! Go and ski Sproatt this year while it's non-motorized access only. In other years, you can expect to see a ton of snowmobile tracks up there, despite it being the source of Whistler's drinking water. For more route information, check out the ski guide on the VOC Wiki

Paul in the meadows, just as we broke out of the thin cloud layer lingering the valley bottoms

The snow conditions weren't great at all, in fact it was down right horrific at times on the way down. I'm almost certain it took us just as long to survival ski back down as it did to skin up. At least it wasn't raining this time. A few weeks ago Chris and I also tried to ski Sproatt, but it was way warmer than forecasted and we turned around quite early.

Some gentle terrain, not a bad place to be on a day with a considerable avalanche rating from alpine to treeline. There were a few steep slopes along the way, but those had mostly slid already. We dug a pit at ~1500m, and found a total snow depth of 300cm on a northeast aspect. Some easy-moderate failures in the upper 70cm of storm snow.

And then it got really nice

Chris BL

Touring up to Sproatt

Sundog. The weather changed pretty quick.

High clouds, sunshine, and hardly any wind. Is it too much to ask for blower powder also?

Chris and Paul on the way up

Paul touring along the rolling terrain near the summit of Mount Sproatt

Almost there. Note the wind packed powder. We encountered almost all kinds of snow condition, a little bit of light fluffy powder at the top, some wind packed powder, lots of breakable crust, death cookies and mashed potatoes in the trees, and more breakable curst along the road in.

Smiling at the summit. We managed to get one good run down from about 1800-1600m where the raincrust didn't exist. Below that, things were horrific, with a good dosage of Type 2 and 3 fun. We were hoping to ski the Duffey the next day, but the snow plow flipped over on the way through Pemberton, leaving the rest of the Duffey unplowed that morning. We ended up at Whistler, skiing some cement-ilicious snow. I can't call it powder.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's almost Christmas

A fun night of good food and gift exchanging with friends. Some of the gifts were pretty funny! All photos shot with my new Nikon 35mm F1.8 lens. It's a fun little lens to use, and it works better indoors than the 50mm F1.8 because of the shorter focal length.

DSC_1685 Christmas Bokeh
Testing out the bokeh on the lens wide open

DSC_1691 Jordan

So much good food

DSC_1716 Double Fist
I hope this man isn't driving you home

DSC_1731 Rick
Rick hanging out in the living room



Dan drawing numbers of the order of picking presents


Colin resting happily on his beers

DSC_1818 Truth or Dare
Ben with his adult version of Truth and Dare

Mike ended up with these two Harlequin romance novels, Bargain wife, and Peacock in the Jungle. Also, a bottle of red wine, and a tube of KY Jelly.

DSC_1837 Bathtime Fun
Evan, ready for some bathtime fun. But um, a banana?

DSC_1840 Sacrebleu
Champagne not looking too happy about his backcountry dinner. He'll be happy next time he's in a rush and can't be bothered to plan a dinner.

DSC_1858 Blue Steel
Blue Steel

DSC_1725 Blue Steel
Blue Steel again

Jordan, trying to blast off?

DSC_1877 Foamy

DSC_1893 Employment Opportunities
Ran opening his horizons for potential jobs.