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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Joffre Shoulder

A pretty good day of skiing powder on the Duffey. We toured up to Joffre Shoulder, which is described in Baldwin's new book. It's a great place to go if the avalanche danger is high in the alpine.

Our approximate route

View Joffre Shoulder in a larger map

The caterpillar track moving up through the snow covered forest. El Nino rocks! (sometimes). It's pretty easy travel through the forest, and the bluffs can be bypassed far climbers left without difficulty.

Somebody had to take a photo of Justin's hat.

Check out Nick's AT setup. If anybody is selling a pair of Size 9 telemark boots for dirt cheap, you should talk to Nick.

Nick working his smile.

Looking over at Heart Strings, a great looking run above Middle Joffre Lakes.

Looking over at North Joffre Creek. That's the east? face on Saxifrage. We thought about skiing that a few years away, but bailed when we realized it was getting a bit too much sun for our liking.

Susie skinning up. We did a few laps in the trees, and went higher to the more open slops at the end of the day.

Look at those chunks fly!

Flying Squirrel!

Sarah in the pillows

Jeremy dropping in


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