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Monday, March 22, 2010

Mount Baker - Coleman-Demming

A last minute trip for my first summit on Mount Baker. I've wanted to go and climb Baker for quite a long time, but always got distracted by other more obscure peaks in the Coast Mountains. The trip was roughly ten hours car to car at a fairly leisurely pace with lots of stops for photos when it wasn't too windy. It was a great day to be outside on this first day of spring. My first Cascade volcano, and hopefully not the last. The skiing wasn't as good as I was hoping for as the strong winds and warm temperatures down low had warped the snow enough to make it challenging for my tired legs.

Friday 8am - At work, thinking about whether the skiing or climbing will be more fun on the weekend 9pm - Craig and I decide not to go climbing, and instead ski Baker. Saturday 4:30am - Early morning departure from Vancouver 1pm - On the summit, in a full on gale. 4:30pm - Back the car with beers

Baker Coleman-Demming

DSC_3845 Spring Time

DSC_3859 Scale

DSC_3864 Sunlit Spindrift

DSC_3878 Boomerang Winds

DSC_3880 Coleman Glacier



DSC_3925 Windy Day

DSC_3930 Nearing the Baker-Colfax Col



DSC_3974 Icefall on Colfax Peak

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chief Pascall glades

Just another day on the Duffey. Powder, check. Friends, check. Good times, check. We went to the north facing glades on Chief Pascall, easily accessed from the Cerise Creek parking lot by skiing up the road, and then switchbacking up the dense trees on the west ridge.

IMG_0030 Boot problem
Justin tapping out the broken screw for his dynafit plate on his boot. He broke it the day before on Whistler.

IMG_0080 Mandy on her way up
Mandy skiing up along the ridgetop. Lots of lines here, but we played it conservatively given the considerable avalanche danger that day and stuck to simple gladed runs.

Roscoe trying to spoon some nice noodles.

Hugging the bear. The best poles ever.

IMG_0073 Jeff

IMG_0077 Matching Poles and Sunglasses
Matching pink.
IMG_0082 Mandy, Roscoe, and Jeff
Frozen whiskers.