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Monday, March 22, 2010

Mount Baker - Coleman-Demming

A last minute trip for my first summit on Mount Baker. I've wanted to go and climb Baker for quite a long time, but always got distracted by other more obscure peaks in the Coast Mountains. The trip was roughly ten hours car to car at a fairly leisurely pace with lots of stops for photos when it wasn't too windy. It was a great day to be outside on this first day of spring. My first Cascade volcano, and hopefully not the last. The skiing wasn't as good as I was hoping for as the strong winds and warm temperatures down low had warped the snow enough to make it challenging for my tired legs.

Friday 8am - At work, thinking about whether the skiing or climbing will be more fun on the weekend 9pm - Craig and I decide not to go climbing, and instead ski Baker. Saturday 4:30am - Early morning departure from Vancouver 1pm - On the summit, in a full on gale. 4:30pm - Back the car with beers

Baker Coleman-Demming

DSC_3845 Spring Time

DSC_3859 Scale

DSC_3864 Sunlit Spindrift

DSC_3878 Boomerang Winds

DSC_3880 Coleman Glacier



DSC_3925 Windy Day

DSC_3930 Nearing the Baker-Colfax Col



DSC_3974 Icefall on Colfax Peak

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