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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


On Saturday, Laura, Leah, Mark, Sarah and I skied some short but sweet runs on the north side of Zoa. This is one of those nice pleasant spots, with easy access, mellow slopes, and good views, and only two hours and half from Vancouver on the Coquihalla. It was unusually quiet out here today, and we saw only one other skier.

Lea touring up the mellow ridge enroute to the top of Zoa. The sun came out ocassionally throughout the day, but it was mostly a cloudy day.

Sarah enjoying the short and sweet runs of Zoa.

Mark straightlining down Zoa on his b-dizzle megafats.

Sarah found some fun skiing lower down in the trees


Mark skiing the short and sweet runs of Zoa

Darth Vader telemarks too.

Sunshine and powder. I kept hoping that the sun would poke out of the clouds for the time while skiing down.

Laura skiing off Zoa.

Lea and Laura on the way home. Zoa is the forested bump in the background. The upper half of the main runs are visible on the right side.

Great skiing, great snow, and great group.

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