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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bowen Island Birthday

My ski season took a turn for the worse, when I was sent down to Chile and Argentina for work in April and May. After nine weeks of work, I was ready to be back in beautiful British Columbia. I had a fantastic first weekend back with Natalie, Kurt, Robyn, Lenka, Mark and Nick on Bowen Island to celebrate my birthday.

Sunset view of Bowen Island from Kits beach.

Over 100 rings!

We walked down to the ocean for a swim.

A little bit of buildering in the evening.

With great music on the patio.

Plus a campfire with great friends.


Natalie made this cake. Naturally it was an apple chocolate cake, the two foods that are inseparable from her.

Natalie and Kurt with Howe Sound behind them. What a great weekend!

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